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"Ali opens your mind to new ways of looking at life. She has this amazing ability to offer a different perspective that allows you to see the world through the eyes of ease, joy and grace and to shift in to a more awakened space where you are the creator of your life circumstances rather than the victim. Spending time with her is always uplifting, enlightening and fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to consciously create the life you choose."  Vanessa


"I love how Alison offers a perspective on life that is freeing, empowering, insightful and fun. She’ll often come out with these zinger statements mid conversation that stop my mind...taking me to a new perspective. I feel as though Alison lives in the space of awareness she shares. I am truly grateful for this and grateful to have met you Ali!"  Cara


"If you want clarity, insight and understanding of life from a different perspective then I totally recommend you be in touch with Ali and have a chat over a cuppa or join her in conversation in zoom room. You will walk away feeling inspired with your life." Susie


"I feel so much gratitude for all I have gained from Ali's perspective on life. Through my interactions with her, the majority involving a simple cup of tea, I have experienced a complete transformation in the way that I view and therefore experience life. I find Ali’s perspective empowering and uplifting, placing you as the creator of all you experience. This perspective as helped me find understanding and peace around the experiences I have chosen to experience in this life and is helping me create the life I want which is more simplistic, creative and fun life. Ali is playful, generous, non-judgemental, insightful and inspiring. It has been an honour to share moments of play with her and I highly recommend you do the same." Gabrielle


"I’ve known Ali since I was 10 years of age, I first talked to Her in depth back in 2014 when I was 20 years of age and going through tough times in my first professional job as a basketball player. Not only did she challenge me but she had me appreciating, challenges and obstacles, because they’re all part of the process on your journey. I’m now 24 years old playing professional basketball and travelling the world with the NZ team. She instills belief and habits that ground you and help you to focus on the most important things in your life at the time. Most down to earth lady I’ve ever met and has a heart of gold. She portrays and puts into practice everything she talks about. Massive influence on my life." Alonzo


"I work with Ali from time-to-time "as it happens", predominantly focused on the outcomes I strive for in my football career. Ali's timing is impeccable, as a word from her always arrives when I need that reminder that I'm in control, that I've done this before, and to not put any limitations on myself. Through my experiences with Ali I've tapped into new levels of quality in my sport and am always confident in my ability to produce results and keep improving.

Ali's outlook on life is extremely insightful and makes you realise that life isn't that hard at all - just participate, be your best self and enjoy the ride." Andy





andrew bevin

Andrew Bevin


"Been thinking about the psychology of scoring goals and wondering what Ali would say - because I haven't been scoring as many as I should. Nek minit 4 goals in 3 games." Andrew Bevin (18 March 2018)
Photo courtesy of his mate, trust it's ok if not I would prefer an U14 Hawkes Bay Soccer one haha!!!

Looking back at a reflection Andy shared on the 17th May 2012 ·
Personal Reflection from Andrew Bevin (Athlete)

For Ali
The night before the biggest game of my life at the time, I was hurting from a nagging hip injury that hadn’t gotten any better throughout the tournament. Ali saw an opportunity to ‘do what she does’ and wanted to see if she could help. At the time I didn’t really know much about what Ali did and believed in, but a day later I had learnt a lot. Now five years on, I’ve taken a few tips from her and tried to implement these in my life.
So what happened that night? Nothing crazy, I just learnt a wider perspective on things. Ali wanted to help fix my injury, so we found a quiet spot where she could focus and I could lay down comfortably and not be distracted. She placed her hands on my hip and focused energy on the spot. She described what sort of injury she was feeling, asking me if I feel more of an “acute/sharp pain” – that’s exactly what I felt. For a while she worked on the spot and during this is could feel a strong heat centre around my injury, a sense of relief. We got chatting about the big game tomorrow, and what I remember most is Ali asking me to envisage what I see happening, and telling me to put a number on how many goals I would score the following day. The number I pulled out of my head was “two”, and so I started believing it. I’m sure Ali did as well.The next day my hip was far less troubling than usual and my team were 3-1 winners. I’ll have you know that two of those goals were credited to me too. Coincidence?A word that has popped up a lot between mine and Ali’s talks is “energy”. I might not understand the full meaning of it but this is what I have grasped: Every thought carries an energy, a vibration. If you are constantly sending out positive forms of these, then good things come of it. You are in a better, more fulfilling state of mind and state of life. I find I’m now constantly trying to put out these positive thoughts and believe in them, and I know another good thing is just around the corner. It is especially important for me being involved in sport because you are always aiming higher, to become better, and this is never possible if you are not in the right frame of mind and enjoying a fulfilled life.There are times when the goings get tough and I usually find myself having a chat to Ali again. I take from her what I understand - or if I see an idea I could implement into my life I’ll do that too - to keep going and climb out of a rough patch.Overall I have found my experiences with Ali have only been good and have bettered and benefited me in several ways, all positive. Listen to her, she’s always got something useful to say!Andy(Andrew Bevin)


alonzo (4)

Alonzo Burton



Alonzo shares reflection...

"I remember we talked about being in the moment and trusting the process and work that I’d put in. For me In Palmerston as I look back, it was all negative vibrations and negative thoughts. I had no confidence and even when I was not injured I didn’t believe I could pull off a move or anything on the basketball court.

After talking to you I shifted that and although I was still coming off the bench I was playing better. The past two years for me instead of just training and working hard I went a little deeper. So I learnt the plays inside and out, I took time to get to know my teammates, learn where I can get the ball within the offence and where my teammates like it. Instead of shying away from big moments and negative ctitical evaluation after every game I took it  on board and asked how can I improve, it was all positive. The biggest for me was CONFIDENCE. I never lacked confidence and my ability mentally to forget a missed shot and just carry on shooting was paramount to my success. I was never out of the moment... everything was in the now. I’ve carried all of this over to 3v3, not my style of game but how can I better myself and can I adjust. Of course I can. Always having a belief that I’m the best player on the court and how, or what are you going to do to stop me. Being fearless.

One thing that has motivated me is my mum. For me she shows so much strength, power, and finds a way every time. So much heart and fight. So for me it was playing every game, not only for her but everyone on my journey that has helped me in some way. It’s fine to make mistakes and play badly but you have to learn. So every time I was learning from my mistakes and that overall has helped me so much.

Also before every game I watched my high school mix like you told me. Just to remind me that i was one of the best high school players and that I will become one of the best in NZ as long as I trust the process and stay in the moment 🙌🏾🙏🏾

Thank you for everything Ally. Been so instrumental in my success this year.

I’ve just loved the challenges and wasn’t afraid to fail Ally.

Did you watch that Kobe interview I posted... He talks about how there is no such thing as failing. I’m grateful for you helping me realise all of this. My own identity was key and I think I’ve shown me.

I have shown me!"



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