A bit more to my love story…
My love for FREEDOM Cacao …
Another playground story in a mug…
More than just a cup of hot choc


Forty times more antioxidants than a handful of blueberries, jam-packed full of magnesium, and iron!


Freedom Cacao is ceremonial grade cacao sourced from Peru. It should never be confused with cocoa or chocolate.

It includes 100% of the Cacao bean, which means there is no tampering with the integrity of the product. This means in the process there is nothing ADDED or REMOVED, so you’re getting the FULL benefit of the cacao bean.

This also means it doesn’t undergo any heavy processing and is kept closest to its natural state as possible! Which we all know…natural is better!

And yes there are many companies that you can source ceremonial grade cacao from yet for some reason we hear over and over from raving fans ‘I’ve tried so many different brands and this is by far my favourite’.

Check out the team at FREEDOM CACAO;
Use discount code: ALISON15


Another Swing in the lifeofali Playground is with Teelixir.

Helping to heal your body with adaptogens from nature’s medicine cabinet.

Check out the team at TEELIXIR:


Another Creative Playground… I am passionate about my Optimum 9400 Blender and Massage Gun and love sharing what I love with many allowing another to experience it if they choose.


Another Creative Playground
With Essential Oils doTERRA Australia