As it continues to share in a Journey of Self Through Art on Canvas, thirteen paintings presented in a New Zealand Gallery. What we experience is also shown in that of all things as we see here in the land reflection as it speaks through canvas expression. "Scales" feels to be a Master connecting the twelve.

An understanding of the paintings - Master Essences that have evolved @ ...

An Essence of Energy of Places in New Zealand. Essences of Energy Creating a Whole. Painted as One in Pure Energy of All that Is. These Energy Portals align to the Energy Source Centre working with Leylines, Grids, Geometric Points, Meridian Points, Vortex Energy, Elements and much more bringing Balance and Oneness in All That Is. An understanding of New Zealand Paintings: In 2011 New Portals were Anchored and Activated in New Zealand, Emitting Higher Energies/Frequencies through the Grid and Energy Field. The Essences of Energy connect the emotion (energy in motion) to the leylines... leylines transmit and receive all energy, a connection with grids, leylines, vortex energy, core of All That Is. The ground Mother Earth magnifies the human Emotions (energy in motion) and is also a connection that of the Leylines and Stars. These Essences are a Rebalancing of Dimensional Truth... and a shift in Authentic Self that is in Love to the Core of its True Being and All That Is. Essences of Energy anchored into the townships throughout New Zealand rippling and raising the vibrational energy throughout New Zealand.