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Role Play in Life

Ali's Role Play is Limitless.

A combination of the journey through life and modalities shares the expression she most adores, which is the intuitive natural ability in creating awareness and choice in changing life through embracing who we are.

Mother - Reiki Master - Advanced Hypnotherapist - Law of Attraction Practitioner - Foot Joint Mobilisation Practitioner - Lomilomi Massage Practitioner - Author - Energy Essence Artist - Core Grid Activator & Core Stabilizing Energy Generator - Wordsmith - Storyteller - Intuitive Healer/Life Coach Intuitive Self Alignment (& Understanding Life) -

Ali intuitively uses energy, thought, word, art, symbolism in expansion, understanding and responsibility of manifestation/creation through the life experience and beyond.

Simply, Ali shares conversations that bring deep awareness and understanding in what we are creating into our life experiences and life is reflecting to us. Offering ownership and awareness into creating the changes we choose to see/be and empowering our self. (dropping the blame game and owning our own shit!)

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