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Shares an opportunity to unlock the wisdom that lies within us. It presents a series of concepts which can be explored through a varitey of avenues. Ali's Art Work  transmits a vibrational energy that embodies the concept.  Self-alignment questions bring direct authentic awareness within self, alongside many writings. Affirmations, allow a shift in focus and experience. Ali's writing style is unique, requiring the reader to stop and focus on, it is written to almost confuse us yet enables us to discover our own understanding.  As the intent of the book is to help the reader unlock their own inner wisdom each concept has space for the reader to capture their experience and re-express the information in their own words so it becomes their own. A True Workbook on Self Awareness or Discovery.

Understanding Life for the Experience... Not the Drama combines a discovery of self through art, words, questions, affirmations and also has a toning meditation to compliment it. Beautifully summed up in its title, this book offers a deep, yet simple understanding of life and its flow of events.

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Self Published



Ali’s books are quite different to each other yet both powerful with the ability to uplift and transform our understanding. This Moment Book and This Moment Too are back to back, one being upside down which reflects the fun in life she shares.  Ali’s unique point of view of life in beautiful quotes and poems (if that is what they are) allows us the reader to ‘try them on’ for our self. This out of the box thinking often has an expansive effect on the mind. This book came together as her talented friends shared their photo's on social media and they spoke to her in a way she chose to share with everyone.

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Self Published



40 Responsibility to Self questions create an opening to penetrate light into the density that is not aligned to One's True Core Self.

Removing the living in Fear frequency and shifting One to a high vibration of Love in every aspect of One's Being. The questions create movement within the electromagnetic system of One’s DNA. It opens a void in which One can shift the frequency to a higher vibration through the essence of energy in the print and a limitless thought or affirmation which absorbed at its true truth essence, allows the shift of vibration in the Cells and One's energy frequency.

Be all this in the now moment, in every essence of One’s Being and Create the change One chooses to see. Take responsibility to live in Pure Love and Truth in every moment of One's Be-ing.

These high vibrational Self Alignment Cards are Limitless.

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YouTube Playground

YouTube Plalyground... Raw, Unedited, As It Is... "Conscious Conversations" Awareness In The Story We Give Life

Meditation Tonings Music & Podcasts


Podcasts Playground and...

Another Creative Playground With Meditative Toning Music

With Self Alignment Questions and Affirmations Connected to Individual Painting Pieces through a Journey of Discovering #lifeofali. Another playground to use intuitively.

Great to Utilize with the Self Published Book: Understanding Life for the Experience... Not the Drama, or the Self Alignment Cards. Simple, Easy, Fun!

*Intuitive Toning by Rossy on Didgeridoo in Native Bush, New Zealand
*Compiled by Gary Heal
*Artist/Creator Alison McLean

Essential Oils


Another Creative Playground
With Essential Oils doTERRA Australia

Australian Appliance Brand


Another Creative Playground... I am passionate about my Optimum 9400 Blender and love sharing what I love with many allowing another to experience it if they choose.



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