Gallery Two

Continuing a Journey of Self Through Art on Canvas, three paintings with four Energies presented in Gallery Two which followed Gallery One. It shares an evolving soul reconnecting with what it is already in all.

An understanding of the paintings - Master Essences that have evolved @ ...

Essences of Energy Creating a Whole. Painted as One in Pure Energy of All that Is. An understanding of the paintings: Since 2009 these New Master Essences have evolved and are activating through the grid, energy field emitting higher vibrations. The Essences of Energy connect the emotion (energy in motion) to the leylines... leylines transmit and receive all energy, a connection with grids, leylines, vortex energy, core of All That Is. The ground Mother Earth magnifies the human Emotions (energy in motion) and is also a connection that of the Leylines and Stars. These Essences are a Rebalancing of Dimensional Truth... and a shift in Authentic Self that is in Love to the Core of its True Being and All That Is. A portal of energy which these paintings hold is an alignment vibration with focussed attunement to All That Is. Electromagnetic shifts create energy which attracts, energises, activates and renews One's Being.