Been A While Since We Blogged...

Meanwhile in Taupo, New Zealand a beautiful lakeside Cafe has connected with these energies and are sharing a space for all to experience over coffee, cake, breakfast, lunch and a view...

These all now have been released for Sale; Gallery One & the New Zealand Gallery. (Gallery Two All have SOLD)...

The Partial and Continuing Australian Series is also Available in Australia!

So thought we could share here for everyone to enjoy! Please contact me regarding purchasing a One-Off Canvas at: or through the gorgeous team at The Wholesome Kitchen Ltd Cafe, 1 Lowell Place. @ Espresso Cove,Taupo, New Zealand!

An understanding of the paintings - Master Essences that have evolved @ ... An Essence of Energy of Places in New Zealand. Essences of Energy Creating a Whole. Painted as One in Pure Energy of All that Is. These Energy Portals align to the Energy Source Centre working with Leylines, Grids, Geometric Points, Meridian Points, Vortex Energy, Elements and much more bringing Balance and Oneness in All That Is. An understanding of New Zealand Paintings: In 2011 New Portals were Anchored and Activated in New Zealand, Emitting Higher Energies/Frequencies through the Grid and Energy Field. The Essences of Energy connect the emotion (energy in motion) to the leylines... leylines transmit and receive all energy, a connection with grids, leylines, vortex energy, core of All That Is. The ground Mother Earth magnifies the human Emotions (energy in motion) and is also a connection that of the Leylines and Stars. These Essences are a Rebalancing of Dimensional Truth... and a shift in Authentic Self that is in Love to the Core of its True Being and All That Is. Essences of Energy anchored into the townships throughout New Zealand rippling and raising the vibrational energy throughout New Zealand.

Today we start with the Master of the NZ Team... "Scales" It was the 13th Painting bringing All 12 New Zealand Anchored Energies together as One!

Check out it's Vibe here or Experience it at The Wholesome Kitchen Ltd Cafe over Coffee!

PRICE: $2500.00 NZD

"Scales" - Kerikeri - New Zealand

One Off Canvas Available (Approx: 1200mm x 765mm height x width)

A New Essence of Energy anchored within the vibration of the township of Kerikeri, New Zealand in 2011.

Balance One’s Infrastructure of the Eternal Self.

Allow Balance into One’s State of Be-ing.



Another Throwback Writing...

Embracing the Aspects of Self

So tell me...

How do I feel doing the dishes?

How do I feel standing up speaking in front of a group of people?

How do I feel when you get dressed up or present yourself at work?

How do I feel when you represent someone/something?

How do I feel when you are waiting for results?

Who Am I?

Am I the same person in every experience?

How do I FEEL?

How would it feel to BE the Same Person in all situations not a feeling of fitting into a situation?

So take a moment and think of your favourite yummiest food you love...

Now think of some sort of food you dislike and would never eat...

Do you feel the difference between each of those? Ahhh then you feel the difference of vibration penetrating from you!

In that is one simplistic message of feeling the experience of you in action...

Each and every cell holds a memory. Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and any negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. Your trillions of cells vibrate at a frequency. Simply Cells Vibrate therefore magnetise back to us the frequency we send out.

Therefore your habits, thoughts feelings, actions, reactions all stimulate from an experience, preloaded in your system running a program that matches your frequency.

How does one change this?

Awareness... Conscious Choice... Living in the Moment and Rewriting a subconscious programmed system that runs automatically.

Unless consciously realigned, living you, just BEing you in every moment. We ourselves have all aspects in what we class as, the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything exists within us. It is just a choice in what program we choose to run. So Be It!

How would it feel to BE the same person in all situations not a feeling of fitting into a situation... A conscious choice to live in the moment and not in habits already formulated!

Something to ponder... Or Not!

Writings, Ramblings, Thoughts, Resurrection from My Old Computer dated 2007-2014.





Whether Illusion Reality, It Just Is The Experience We Call Life in this Moment...

The point of creation a fractal expansion of essence in being forever evolving connected to the core of all that is in its being. Earth a floating object in space by physical appearance in a section of universe, that accommodates all that is in experience through its being. Yet another fractal essence of the whole core in being. Human. Yet another fractal essence of the experience of wholeness in being. Cells, yet another fractal essence in being connected to the experience of all that is through its expression of self... and so on.

Illusion or Reality ... It Just Is...

Consciousness, here, now is the essence recognising itself in being part of the whole, in wholeness itself, connected to all that is through the experience of self in being. A personalised version yet sourced with all that is. Aspects of our multidimensional self fragmented throughout space time continuum.

Therefore bringing all aspects of self to a conscious reality of the experience we call life as one, functioning from the same essence, beat, frequency in every dimension, every cell, brings all pieces of the puzzle to a place where now the evolving self can move into new dimensions of extension through its being, in self expression unlimited by the source at the core. No dimensional needs to source that outside itself for it is it already inside itself and is all that is and just is in every experience that need be.

Therefore one would understand in evolution is expansion of the whole being, fractalated into segments through the experience where self the part of the whole, personalises the whole experience, all it can be through the experience, yet know that it already is.

Bringing me back to the concept of earth in shifting its too experience though its expression in being and the human experience. One facilitating a frequency in ones whole being, in every experience, in that all of itself connects to the whole self through a mirrored reflection, as we all are already that in which we seek.

For one must understand, until one is whole in responsibility in its being one cannot be one with all that is, as the separation in self is therefore reflected back to its being through the experience. So thus it sits with self as much as, it just is,whether Illusion or Reality the physical experience we are utilising in this space/time being evolves when we bring firstly, our FULL self then live our FULL self that is with all the land, animals, neighbours, towns, cities, countries all beating to the one drum.

For how does earth fundamentally reflect to us the separation of self in being... simply just through its being and that becomes our experience. For it is, we are one with the earth and all that is to the core self and our whole being, our physical earth, neighbours and countries. There is no separation ... you are whole in being, the separation therefore earth, mars, venus, universes/dimensions are unlimited to all source to experience they all connect to the core, the core whole being that we the personalised speck of existence are in this moment humanly experiencing here now consciously whether illusion or reality it just is. You are the experience.

How can we be one with our neighbours in the universe/multidimensions of experience when we here on this land, on earth are too separated from the experience in reflection to our own separation of self in being. These too beings are all aspects of self in the whole being. You see there is no form of separation it all links to the heart of the core in wholeness in being.

How do you get there... You are already there... You just think you are not therefore that is the experience you be... We are already travelling in space on a ship we call earth, Illusion or Reality, It Just Is... The Experience...


Writings, Ramblings, Thoughts, Resurrection from My Old Computer dated 2007-2014.




Well Conscious Conversations over a cuppa tea in your pajamas or just chilled out in your own space have launched itself into another reality, playground.

Awareness in the Story We Give Life entertains us and we are now loading our Casual Conversations from a Zoom Room to my Youtube Channel ...

Raw, Unedited, As It Is... "Conscious Conversations" Awareness In The Story We Give Life!

So if you feel like a cuppa with me and a few rambling friends, we all ramble soooo well and share different life perspectives understandings and reflections... or not... choice is truly yours ... enjoy xxx





Time Out in the Kiwi Family Playground!

Decluttering the theme over many Coffee Dates!



Podcast Chat Check It Out...

Cheers to the team... "The Everything Spiritual Podcast"

Episode 17:

Alison McLean is an artist, author, healer and modern day mystic who enjoys life for the experience. In this expansive discussion with Alison, we catch a glimpse into her perception of reality and life itself. Alison discusses the importance of having awareness of the story we are telling ourselves, and demonstrates the magical shifts in understanding that can occur through simple conversation.

Reading referred to in this episode: Mirror 1 Painting (page 78-79) from the book Understanding Life for the Experience... Not the Drama!

"Mirror 1 has a direct in and a direct out approach to the Seat of One's Soul and the reflection One chooses to express outside One's Self. The Mirror 1 Portal flows with an enriched silver lining in cleansing the cellular body, removing toxins, purifying One's Self with an Essence of Love"

Self-Alignment Question: The World is A Reflection Of Me; Do I Like What I see?

Affirmation: "I Am Overflowing with Love, Joy And Abundance"

Sound toning:


March Madness...

I've found some entertaining writings from 2013 I thought we could entertain ourselves with...

It’s never really one door closes, another opens… It’s embracing all facets of our being, our existence in that we make who we really are possible to enjoy the vast arrangement of necessity in that we endeavor to understand in that we endure our own understanding of its existence. Therefore, all is not lost as it was never lost it already exists upon you existing… this in here embarks a revelation on one’s own true being in that all is never possible as it is possible in that the experience is only a statement of our actual understanding of our being human…

The Side Effects of Being Human…

  1. We are always looking for something outside our self to give us what we already have
  2. We understand our self from our own perspective, yet we look for others to tell us more about our self that we already truly know
  3. Speaking, thinking, acting, feeling, being are all extensions of a human experience the more we participate the further we get away from who we truly are… although great ingredients for a life experience
  4. We may never understand our self, let alone anyone else but how can we know someone else when we don’t truly understand who we truly are
  5. We are all looking to go somewhere but there is nowhere to go because we are already here
  6. We think stillness is quieting the mind… Yet in stillness there is no breath
  7. We think we fix something by protesting against it yet in this vision we bring it to focus which leads to more attention and where our focus goes energy flows and if it be from a negative emotional attachment therefore we will create more of it
  8. We all have choice yet none of us know it
  9. We talk about change, yet we don’t live it
  10. We are looking for approval yet the only approval we need is our own
  11. And the list goes on…

There is nothing to let go of as there is nothing to hold onto… Embrace all aspects of our self then we can run a human system by choice… a Conscious Choice in that!


“Wishing you all a shit load of love”
Time is an experience we have given meaning...
A moment is moment and can only be a moment because we give it that..
2017 is a year because we give it that meaning, as is 2018...
Love is love because we have made it that way...
Hate is hate because we too have given it that meaning...
Yet if all is life and life is to be experienced we can only experience it from a perspective of understanding that we give to life...
It’s all here now to be experienced...Life that is .... and all of us share a choice in how we wish to experience it...
It can be as positive as we make it or as negative as we choose it to be, yet both are too that of an experience to be had... as is good food or bad food... right and wrong...
Nothing can be anything until we make it something...
Many share life, contrast as if it was on each end of a stick.. love and hate for example, yet it’s on the same stick, it’s the same thing just an experience to be had... there is always contrast because that too we have made it possible to experience...
If we can share anything, it is... life is here to experience and for us all to come to peace with life... through all experiences as it all just is what it is, as it is... until we make it something... it is or is not... The gift of life is to experience it ... what is peace?
It’s nothing until we make it something ... #lifeofali