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Alonzo shares reflection...

"I remember we talked about being in the moment and trusting the process and work that I’d put in. For me In Palmerston as I look back, it was all negative vibrations and negative thoughts. I had no confidence and even when I was not injured I didn’t believe I could pull off a move or anything on the basketball court.

After talking to you I shifted that and although I was still coming off the bench I was playing better. The past two years for me instead of just training and working hard I went a little deeper. So I learnt the plays inside and out, I took time to get to know my teammates, learn where I can get the ball within the offence and where my teammates like it. Instead of shying away from big moments and negative ctitical evaluation after every game I took it  on board and asked how can I improve, it was all positive. The biggest for me was CONFIDENCE. I never lacked confidence and my ability mentally to forget a missed shot and just carry on shooting was paramount to my success. I was never out of the moment... everything was in the now. I’ve carried all of this over to 3v3, not my style of game but how can I better myself and can I adjust. Of course I can. Always having a belief that I’m the best player on the court and how, or what are you going to do to stop me. Being fearless.

One thing that has motivated me is my mum. For me she shows so much strength, power, and finds a way every time. So much heart and fight. So for me it was playing every game, not only for her but everyone on my journey that has helped me in some way. It’s fine to make mistakes and play badly but you have to learn. So every time I was learning from my mistakes and that overall has helped me so much.

Also before every game I watched my high school mix like you told me. Just to remind me that i was one of the best high school players and that I will become one of the best in NZ as long as I trust the process and stay in the moment 🙌🏾🙏🏾

Thank you for everything Ally. Been so instrumental in my success this year.

I’ve just loved the challenges and wasn’t afraid to fail Ally.

Did you watch that Kobe interview I posted... He talks about how there is no such thing as failing. I’m grateful for you helping me realise all of this. My own identity was key and I think I’ve shown me.

I have shown me!"

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