Alison McLean

I am a Clear Channel .... An Intuitive Life Philosopher forever evolving... enjoying molding a life I truly love living in knowing that BEing ONE with All That Is, we become what we truly desire, believe and have faith in. Knowing we are writers of our own play I have chosen to take and include the world and beyond in mine, and share the knowledge that is directed as One enabling all of us to grow, learn and understand ourselves and others better.

Life has given me wonderful experiences, knowing those trying times I endeavoured is where I grew the most, coming to appreciate every one and every thing that exists. As my journey continually evolves, some paths I have experienced and evolved from are... Motherhood, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Foot Joint Mobilisation, Angel Attunement, Self Development and Spiritual Studies, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Grid Activation & Stabiliser, Artist, Author, Storyteller ....

Throughout these experiences I am guided to the people, the books, the workshops and the information which allows me to create, materialize and understand things in my own life and beyond... from every day synchronicities to continual abundance in every area/aspect of my being... which I am truly thankful for and are able to share our blessings with many others.

I am a holder of many Ascended, Cosmic and Essence Masters. A Holder makes a Sacred Trust with the Master to provide Sacred Space for these portals for the Masters to enter the 3rd dimension and beyond. I believe All is ONE so It is All accessible as I Am...

An Intuitve Artist sharing Energy Expression through Personal Paintings, Gallery One, Two & New Zealand Gallery which present their Essence in BEing and continue to Evolve as we do.

"I Am The Womb, A Void Of Nothing Which Is Abundant And Fertile."

How limitless our experience is. Everything I utilize through the experience and evolve it in creating the life I truly deserve and desire and sharing with everyone every single moment of my BEing.

I give gratitude and appreciation everyday for truly being blessed with the faith, belief, trust and understanding, a knowing I have as One with All That Is, which has made me so inner rich, and plays an enormous role in reflection of our everyday life.

Follow my journey as I share it ... How? ... Where? ... When? I don't know... I just know I have the faith, belief and trust in All That Is. Being placed where I am, sharing an understanding, message with those who are ready to listen.

Intuitively Sharing as ONE with All That Is... Sharing an Understanding and a Shift in One's BEing!


... and so it is ... we are limitless...


The journey continues...

"In BEing... I Am" ~ Alison McLean