Ali is an experiencer of life, author, artist and transformer… more than meets the eye! She expresses her creativity in everything she does, enjoying life for the experience.

A talent she shares is in which she is able to read life, reflecting itself through self in being, a distinctive reflection of all experiences that shares an understanding of self through its expression.

Through conscious conversations, (best done over a cup of tea) Ali brings awareness in the story we give life too and has a unique perspective which is very uplifting, empowering, simple, easy and fun.

Ali’s work is unique and powerful, she has developed the ability to transmit a vibrational experience through her paintings. An experience that is very transformative, working on the very core of your being.

To be blessed with the opportunity to hang her work on your walls is a direct invitation to invoke transformation in your life. Ali’s paintings pulsate a vibration that works on your very being. Her paintings, books, cards, tonings, meditation and conversations provide a glimpse into her reality in which she generously shares.